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INTL ARABIC: You are invited to consider becoming a Beloved Community Neighbor (BCN) to assist in a world-wide kindness movement

There is no monetary cost to becoming an official Neighbor, but it does require a commitment to put forth effort and follow steps outlined below.

Step 1) Read and consider being willing to live true to the BCN pledge.

Step 2) Become an official BCN by entering your name, email, and Home Country into the website.

Step 3) Receive & download, for free, your BCN Certificate with your name on it.

Step 4) Receive & download, for free, a PDF version of Drivers' Ed for the Brain to help uplift and motivate you as a BCN.

Step 5) Consider sharing an experience you have had, or have personal knowledge of, of BCN activities.

The Pledge
Read and live true to the following pledge:

“I believe that all people, including myself, are of great worth and are part of the same family of the human race. I pledge to improve myself, and to support people in their physical, educational, economic, and emotional needs. I further pledge myself to honor the creator of the world by using one day in a week for devotion and renewal. I believe that these actions will result in reducing poverty, and increasing unity and love in a Beloved Community.”

The Beloved Community Neighbors
Profile Info
Acknowledge becoming an official Neighbor by entering your Full Name, eMail, and ZIP Code below. This will allow you to receive updates on the progress of the movement, and see where the Neighbors are located by ZIP Code.
BCN Certificate

Download, for free, your Beloved Community Neighbor Certificate, with your name on it. Currently the certificates are available in either English or Spanish. More languages for the certificates are in process.

English | Spanish


Download, for free, PDF versions of Drivers' Ed for the Brain to help uplift and motivate you as a Neighbor to grow personally and to assist others. The book was written by Ryan J. Hulbert, Ph.D., and are currently available in either English or Spanish. "Drivers' Ed for the Brain: Finding greater peace and joy." Other translations of this book are currently underway in Russian, Arabic, Swahili, and Hindi.

"Drivers' Ed for the Brain: English | Spanish

Your Experience

Consider sharing an experience you have had, or have personal knowledge of, of Beloved Community Neighbor activities. For example, you can share a brief story, picture, or video of something you or others have done which shows the type of behaviors described in the pledge. This sharing will shine the light on experiences in families, neighborhoods, schools, organizations, or communities to uplift others and inspire further such neighborly behavior. Email these brief stories, pictures, or videos, to the following email:

[email protected]

Get Social!

Spread the word with other people who you believe would like to be part of healing the soul of America through also becoming Beloved Community Neighbors. An easy way to do this would be to let others know of the website, including connecting with them by social media and sharing through the following link:

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