My mission is to brighten the light, warm the heart, and enhance the health of my clients, colleagues, and community.

Sunny Worship Day Personal Assessment

Ryan J. Hulbert, Ph.D.

“7 days without a worship day makes one weak”

The following are simply suggestions to help think about things you can do to come closer to God on your day of worship. Points have been assigned to 11 behaviors as a means of evaluating progress in creating a significant day of much spiritual sunshine. Unless you choose otherwise, no one else needs to see your score. For the purpose of this assessment, each behavior below can only be counted once per worship day.

1. I attended a group worship service today. (20 points)

2. I helped make it easier for someone in my immediate family to attend. (5 points)

3. I warmly greeted someone there who I did not know, or did not know well. (5 points)

4. I greeted and spoke briefly with someone there who appeared lonely or in need of a friend. (5 points)

5. I visited someone who was sick or who was homebound, or in a facility. (10 points)

6. I learned the name of a child in our community so that I can greet him or her by name in the future.(5 points)

7. I studied and pondered my sacred Scripture for at least 15 minutes, and briefly recorded my thoughts in a journal. (10 points)

8. I wrote a handwritten note or letter to someone I felt inspired to encourage or re-connect with. (10 points)

9. I did something to better connect with someone of a different faith, cultural background, or race. (10 points)

10. I personally prayed to express gratitude to God. (10 points)

11. I did something to quietly appreciate God’s creation of nature. (5 points)

Score =

5-19     Cloudy to Partly Sunny  

            You have made some effort to grow closer to God on your day of worship

20-39   Moderately Sunny

            You have made moderate effort to grow closer to God on your day of worship

40-59   Mostly Sunny

            You have made quite a bit of effort to grow closer to God on your day of worship

60-79   Sunny 

            You have made significant effort to grow closer to God on your day of worship

80-95   Very Sunny

            You have made very significant effort to grow closer to God on your day of worship

96+       Even More Sunny!

About The Author

Ryan J. Hulbert Ph.D.

Ryan J Hulbert, Ph.D., graduated from Brigham Young University, and received his doctorate in clinical/community psychology from the University of Nebraska Lincoln. In 1986, he completed a research fellowship at the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium where his fascination with the role of time perspective in human functioning began.

Dr. Hulbert served as a staff psychologist and Director of Research at the Cherokee Mental Health Institute in Cherokee, Iowa between 1988 and 1993. He was the Chief Psychologist of BPA Behavioral Health for 8 years, and was the Clinical Services Administrator for the Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections from 2001-2009. In 2010, he assisted with the initial program development for the Management & Training Corporation’s Correctional Alternative Placement Program (CAPP), in Idaho.

He is the author of several articles in professional journals, has presented numerous workshops, and is the author of the books, The Sun Is Always Shining, Drivers’ Ed for the Brain, and Growth Rings: Becoming the person you were meant to be.

He is the founder of EPIC Psychological Services, with “EPIC” being an acronym for “Empowering People in Communities.” His professional mission is to lighten the darkness, warm the hearts, and increase the agency of his clients, colleagues, and community. He views his strengths as compassion, creativity, and enthusiasm, in working with others to enhance health and reduce human suffering through increasingly effective, accessible, and cost effective methods.

He and his wife, Theresa, have 5 sons, 2 daughters, 4 daughters-in-law, 1 son-in-law, and a growing number of grandchildren.